NO.219 | 打招呼的不同方式!

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用英语打招呼经常会被问“How are you?”,我们经常会说I'm fine, I'm well, just so so...但这些真的太普通了,有没有更高级、更有趣的回答方式呢?

How are you?


1. I’m good 

2. Not bad 还行 

3. I’m not feeling well 我不太舒服 


A: Hey Tom, how are you? 

B: I’m good. You? 

A: I’m great 


A: Hi Rose, how are you? 

B: umm, I’m not feeling so well. 

A: oh, what’s wrong? 

B: Well, I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m having a little headache.  

A: That’s too bad.

How are you doing?

在口语中,这句话中的are一般都会省略,所以就变成了 how you doing? 


1. I’m doing good. 

2. I’m doing ok/ alright 

3. Another day, another dollar 和往常一样 

4. I’m a little tired 


A: Hey Mike, how you doing? 

B: I’m alright. Just a little tired. 

A: How come? 

B: I had a really long conference meeting today 

A: ye, tell me about it (可不是嘛)

How is it going?

在口语中,一般会读成 how’s it going? 


1. everything’s good. 

2. 也可以说一下你的境况 


A: Hey how’s it going? 

B: Everything’s good. Oh by the way, I’m going on a vacation this weekend. 

A: oh really? Have fun! 

B: Thanks.

How have you been?



1. Everything’s been good. 

2. Same old, same old 还是老样子 

3. 也可以聊一下你的境况 


A: Hey Susan, long time no see. How have you been? 

B: Hey Sally, it really has been a while. I don’t know if you heard. I just got engaged. 

A: wow, that’s nice. Congratulations! 

B: thank you! We should catch up later. 

A: yea sure. 

与How have you been?类似的表达:what have you been up to? 最近在忙啥呢

How is life treating you?

这句话也可以把treating you省略,说成how’s life? 


1. it’s good. 

2. It’s fine I guess 

3. Just hanging in there 我还在坚持 

4. It’s tough  


A: Hey Bruce. How’s life treating you? 

B: Oh Man, the last couple of months have been tough. I just had a small surgery and I’m still  recovering. 

A: Hang in there, Man 

B: yea, I will.

What’s up?


1. Not much/ nothing much 没啥特别的 

2. just chilling 

3. What’s up 


What’s up/ what up/ sup 

What’s good? 

What’s cracking? 

What’s popping?