NO.160 | 飞机上必备场景英语表达!

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Take-off 起飞

Fasten your seatbelt 系好安全带 (please make sure your seat belt is  securely fastened)

Turn off 关闭 

Electronic devices 电子设备 

Xxx is prohibited 被禁止


Captain 机长 

Flight attendant 空姐 

Cabin crew 航班空服人员

We are currently fourth in line for take-off and  are expected to be in the air in approximately  15 minutes time. We ask that you please  fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure  all baggage underneath your seat or in the  over head compartments. We also ask that  your seats and table trays are in the upright  position for take-off. Please turn off all  personal electronic devices, including laptops  and cell phones. Smoking is prohibited for the  duration of the flight.

Safety demonstration 安全演示

In case of an emergency… 在紧急情况下 

Oxygen mask 氧气面罩 

Life jackets 救生衣


The captain has switched on the fasten  seatbelt sign. We are now crossing a zone of  turbulence. Please return to your seats and  keep your seatbelts fastened. Thank you. 

Sign 标志 

Turbulence 气流 


We’ll be landing in about fifteen  minutes.


Would you like chicken or beef? 

I’d like to have the chicken, please. 

(either one is fine 都可以/不要说whatever) 

What would you like to drink? 

Coffee, tea, coke, orange juice, water. 

No ice 不要冰 

with ice 要冰 

如果想喝一些其它饮料,可以问:Do you have xxx?

Excuse me,Miss 

Can I have a + 你需要的东西 

如 blanket 毛毯 /pillow 枕头/headset 耳机 

如果你坐在靠窗的位置,想出去上个厕所,就可以 对旁边的人说: 

Excuse me, may I go through?

Declaration card 入境申报表


Do you have this card in Chinese?

Can I have a Chinese version of this card?